A new fairy called “Anemoi” has been brought into the world.Anemoi fairy

I’m always searching for appropriate fairy names and obviously like to pick something with some meaning as well as suiting the fairies personality. Many of my fairies use the wind as a device to show movement in the hair or in the dandelions they play with, so I was searching for something wind related. A little research soon finds the goddess of wind or the goddess or the sky who were “Stribog” and “Nut”. Neither of which have a very nice fairy sounding ring to them. I then came across “Anemoi” which the collective name for the ancient greek gods of the four winds. I’m not looking for something that has any historical or technical accuracy, I’m just looking for a name that sounds like a fairy name and Anemoi fits the bill. Plus its always a bonus if you have to google how to pronounce it (ha ha).

If you’ve read my book “The Art of Fantasy Wire” or visited the how to pages of the website, you may know that I spend quite a bit of time designing each figure. It not just a case of finding the next cool pose, I’m constantly trying to push the limits what I can make in a design that generates some level of WOW factor. Anemoi is a quite a bit larger than I normal make and stands around 4 foot 6 inches. The reason for the increase in size was I wanted to really focus on the body shape. I wanted to show every muscle and increasing the size, gives me a little more scope to emphasise detail. I started by finding photos of ballet dancers in a pose that works and which showed the tension in the muscles because the tension in the muscles conveys the passion in the dance and therefore translates into the passion in the sculpture.

I really enjoyed making Anemoi. Focusing on the individual muscles led me down a slightly different style of build and I got that “wow, I made that” feeling all the way through.

The galley shows a few photos of her standing on her own and on top of a dandelion. The dandelion adds drama, but I’ve not yet made my mind up as to wether she looks better on her own, because you focus on the figure rather than the overall spectacle. I’d be interested in your opinion?   Click on the photo to visit the galley and see a few more photos of her.