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Article By Jon Douglas (Radio4) 18th June 2021

In May 2021 we started being targeted by scammers using images of FantasyWire fairies to advertise fraudulent products. There are still 10,000’s of fake web-shops and social media profiles using our images in this way. Their fake ads are all over the main commercial sites like Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Pinterest etc. We have contacted every company and every authority. Unfortunately, due to jurisdiction boundaries and big companies who would rather make a profit than protect users, we have had zero success. We have even had two visits from our local MP who raised the issue in parliament. Until legislation forces the big tech companies to validate users, shopping online is equivalent to the wild west (lawless).

Do your homework before buying from anybody online!

As a result of all our efforts to get the scammers shut down, we were featured on the BBC News Website 

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