I started FantasyWire some years ago as a pure hobby. When the fairies became popular locally, I started a website and it’s grown. When we went viral, I was inundated with requests for sculptures which resulted overtime into the fairies, the dandelions and the DIY kits.

To this day, I still only make the same volume of fairies because I’m not prepared to dilute the quality, the design or the pleasure I get from making them. The dandelions are a lower cost sculpture alternative. The DIY kits came about mainly because people wanted smaller fairies, but it’s simply not cost or time effective for me to make them so I tell you how to make your own. As a result of pure demand (not design) we have grown into a family business employing six people.

Two years ago we registered FantasyWire Ltd as a business and we have remained largely unchanged in our business model of simply making dandelions and DIY kits to match the demand. Life is good, we are not and will never be greedy and we all simply want to enjoy a good life supplying that demand and being behind a product set that gives people pleasure.

That said, the world is changing around us…

Social Media:

Facebook (our main platform to date) is changing. People are realising that despite Facebook being a brilliant platform to share ones products and experiences with the world, there is less than morally driven reasoning behind many of their features and use of our data. People are becoming (rightly) more concerned about the behaviour all social media platforms and as a result being more cautious its its use.

Our Followers:

Our fan base is largely split into two:

  • 80% of the fans love fairies, the images I produce and simply want to enjoy a FantasyWire fairy fix
  • 20% are art students / enthusiasts, whilst liking my art are more interested in how to make wire sculptures

Art Students:

There has been a significant raise in interest about how I do what I do. Unfortunately if I share how its done on Facebook, its a big turn off for the 80% who just want a fairy fix. These two audiences aren’t very compatible and I like sharing how its done.

FantasyWire Ltd:

Given that FantasyWire is a now a business on which six people rely, we cant simply ignore the world around us and we need to evolve to match the new demand and new emerging interests.

As a result of all of the above, we are changing FantasyWire:

Firstly we are moving our outward bound materials away from Facebook and investing more time in our own website. This does not mean anything will change on Facebook as we will share any new fairy fix materials to Facebook, but this means we are less reliant on Facebook which I believe is a necessary step.

This also means that we can discriminate between the two audiences. The 80% of fairy fix fans will see our materials appearing on many other platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and many others. While the 20% of Art Students who want to focus on how it’s done can enjoy a concentrated feed of materials that provide what they need right here on our website.

I’ve filmed making a fairy and and edited it into 12 videos which we’ll release in January when we have a few other pieces in place. But you can get a sense if it from the video in the Introduction on the How To page.

We’ve also been missing a trick. We’ve been so busy simply pumping out images of fairies which has grown a great fan base, that we’ve missed out what many people may find fascinating and that’s the “Behind The Scenes” material. So this blog is the first of many. We plan to share photos and stories about how the fairies are made, the events we attend, materials from us all working in
the workshop, my take on the art world and where FantasyWire is headed.

Please let us have your feedback below and we’ll do our best provide whatever you need.