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Created: ( November 2017 ) 100% Stainless


Dancing with Dandelions 1



(to help you find her in Trentham Gardens)

Look where the grass blows around like flowing water


This Fairies‘ Story


The phrase “Dancing with Dandelions” came about at the time I went viral (2014) and was used several times in media publications to describe what my fairies do. The name became associated with the fairy I have at home in the garden which spins in the wind. I posted a short video in 2014 of her spinning which has been viewed millions of times.

The name stuck and the design is so popular that 99% of all sculpture requests want a copy of Dancing with Dandelions. I got something so right with this design, I don’t know if I’ll every improve on it. As a result, I don’t make copies (without good reason). There are only 4 examples (made by me) in existence and I own two of them. She has literally become the company’s registered Trademark to protect the design.

The example at Trentham Gardens was made life size to be an exhibition piece.   


You can buy this fairy

This fairy was made as an exhibition piece for display at Trentham Gardens, but she belongs to me and therefore could be sold. The arrangement I have with Trentham Gardens is that if I sell one of the exhibits that belong to me, I’ll provide them with an alternative replacement fairy and give them enough notice to update their media and materials. So anyone purchasing this fairy may have to wait a 2 or 3 months. That said, I’m very protective about this particular design. She is very special and there will only ever be a maximum of nine Dancing with Dandelions made by me. So I would want a lot (a lot) of money to part with her. I.e. I’m very happy not to sell her. Having said all that if you want to buy her you are welcome to email me: Buy Dancing with Dandelions