Fairy Sculptures

I’m often asked the following questions;

Do I sell the fairies?

The short answer is generally YES.

Do I do commissions?

The short answer is generally NO.

How can someone buy a fairy?

That’s a good question.

I only make the fairies because I enjoy making them. When I share photos of the fairies on Social Media, I’m not advertising them, I’m sharing my art. People like the fairies and I like sharing them. Different people come into contact with me in all sorts if different ways and when there’s a connection that works they buy a fairy. The demand is high and the supply is low so there’s no need for waiting lists or publishing when a fairies for sale. It works, and I’m always happy with where the fairies go.

If you want to buy a fairy you can email me at enquires@fantasywire.co.uk and I will answer you eventually. I regret that I’m not very good at answering enquires.

P.S. a few of the fairies at Trentham Gardens are technically for sale. 



Our Garden Dandelions are 2M tall and sold separately.

With the garden range all dandelions are hand made out stainless steel, with full or partial heads and the choice of flowing blown away seeds.

You also have choices of a stainless steel or brass stem, and hand beaten copper or brass leaves. This allows you to create your own perfect dandelion for your own garden.

The Meadow Range comprises of an arrangement of 3 x 3M dandelions. The stems are formed to compliment each other and provide the perfect statement piece for the larger garden.

We also undertake commercial projects. We can supply steel sculpture dandelions up to 6 meters tall.

Fairy Kits and Gifts

We have a great range of FantasyWire fairy kits as well as gift cards and framed photos for sale.