Dipthe trentham estate logo 1

Created: (May 2013: fairy 39) Galvanised


Dip 1



(to help you find her in Trentham Gardens)

Dip patrols the lake near the boat dock.


This Fairies‘ Story


Dip was commissioned by Trentham to complement and complete the existing Trentham fairies. 

Helper (the fairy with the watering can) had worked so well sitting on the surface of the water that we thought we would create a second fairy, but this time have her flying over the surface just touching the surface with her hand.

There was a design challenge with Dip: to have her apparently floating in the air, almost horizontal, means there is a great deal of weight acting on the hidden support in her wrist.

We knew through experience with Helper that she would sink slightly over time. If you look closely, yo will see a hand reaching out of the water. This was to disguise the support until the sculpture settles when Dips hand should be just toughing the surface.