Do I do commissions?

Never say never, but most commissions tend to want a copy of something I’ve already made which is much less satisfying than creating something new. I’m quite happy to sell what I create and enjoy the freedom to not having to worry about expectations.

I’d be open to a commission if; I have the creative freedom to make what I want, after being influenced by the customers ideas and requirements , who would have no commitment to purchase and would simply have first refusal when its complete.



Buying a FantasyWire Fairy

I used to sell a fairy for enough to cover the time and costs of making one because it’s only ever been a for the love of doing it. My work when viral in 2014 and I received literally tens of thousands of requests. Not knowing how to address such demand, I very publicly made a copy of my signature fairy (Dancing with Dandelions) and sold her by auction. She sold for tens of thousands which completely re-set the market for me. I don’t do waiting lists so any fairy sculptures that are currently for sale are listed below. Click on the link to enquire and I’ll personally contact you as I do like to like the people that give them a new home.