Section 11: Hair

If you allow the hair to hang down over the fairies body, it will result in the viewer not being able to tell where the hair ends and fairy  begins and, in essence may tend to look (from a distance) like a big lump of tangled wire.

I have a few rules for applying hair to a wire fairy: Namely, the hair should be away from the body. This can achieved by adopting pose where the hair falls clear of the body or using apparent wind to lift the hair away from the body or by making the hair look as if its follow the trail of the fairies movement, again to keep the hair away from the body.

This section walks you through:

  • How to build a frame to hold the hair in shape away from the body
  • How to add the volume of hair to the scalp
  • How to dress the hair and create dramatic result showing emotion and movement

Video 13 Hair

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