An Introduction to the Art of FantasyWire

Section 2: Design


Design Elements:

  • Can it be made out of wire?
  • Where is it to be installed?
  • 2D v 3D
  • Emotion & Expression
  • Visual Illusions
  • External Forces
  • Wing Design
  • Design Tools
  • The Invisible Panda
  • Testing the design by prototyping

Good Art flows from good design. I would estimate that by the time I start building a fairy figure, that I’ve spent as many hours designing it (in my head) as it will take to physically build it. This section is mostly theoretical / academic but will furnish you with everything you need to consider to ensure you have a good design before you start.

Video 2 The Properties and Constraints of Wire

This video will be available in January 2019

Before starting to work with wire you need to understand what will work and what will not work.

Video 3 Design Elements

This video will be available in January 2019

A check list of things to consider when designing any piece of art.

Video 4 Designing Trillian

This video will be available in January 2019

A practical example of how I turned an idea into a design I can make, including examples of the design tools and software I personally use.

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