An Introduction to the Art of FantasyWire

Section 2: Design


Design Elements:

  • Can it be made out of wire?
  • Where is it to be installed?
  • 2D v 3D
  • Emotion & Expression
  • Visual Illusions
  • External Forces
  • Wing Design
  • Design Tools
  • The Invisible Panda
  • Testing the design by prototyping

Good Art flows from good design. I would estimate that by the time I start building a fairy figure, that I’ve spent as many hours designing it (in my head) as it will take to physically build it. This section is mostly theoretical / academic but will furnish you with everything you need to consider to ensure you have a good design before you start.

Video 2 The Properties and Constraints of Wire

Before starting to work with wire you need to understand what will work and what will not work.

Video 3 Design Elements

A check list of things to consider when designing any piece of art.

Video 4 Designing Trillian

A practical example of how I turned an idea into a design I can make, including examples of the design tools and software I personally use.

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