An Introduction to the Art of FantasyWire

Section 3: Making a Skeleton

The skeleton is key to the success of your sculpture. It not only holds the sculpture up but its the skeleton’s pose that will tell the story you want your sculpture to tell.

The skeleton also performs a very practical role in that it holds your sculpture up. Therefore you need to make sure that you build in any structural elements necessary to support the weight of the sculpture or any extensions to the sculpture. I.e. any objects that you figure may be holding or carrying.

This section walks you through:

  • Making skeleton material
  • Putting the skeleton into pose
  • Making and incorporating mounts and supports for installing your finished sculpture

Video 5 Skeleton

A rule that I strongly suggest you live by is: “If the skeleton doesn’t tell the story, don’t add wire to it” It’s absolutely critical that when you have the skeleton in pose that you can see (in your minds eye) the emotions and story of the finished piece.

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