Meet Tipsy

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Tipsy Design Drawing

I had a tremendous, unexpected response to the drawing I posted at the beginning of June with over 1200 comments suggesting names. By far the most common suggestion was “Flutterby”, which is what I was thinking before I asked. However Judy Reed Brown suggested “Tipsy” and it immediately felt right.

Tipsy is all about good fortune and celebration and having butterflies in your stomach. I made her for a couple of reasons: I’m going to the Countryfile Live show in August at Blenheim Palace and wanted a good statement piece to display, but also we are planning to hire out sculptures for weddings and events, hence the good fortune theme.

Many of you have asked about the inscription around the bottom of the cork: I used google translate to convert “May your good fortune last a life time” to elvish.

I’m very pleased with Tipsy and hope you like her too?

RKW 2367


If you want to watch a video of Tipsy, she now on Youtube: