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New Fairy: Tipsy

Meet Tipsy I had a tremendous, unexpected response to the drawing I posted at the beginning of June with over 1200 comments suggesting names. By far the most common suggestion was “Flutterby”, which is what I was thinking before I asked. However Judy Reed Brown...

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New Fairy: No Words

No Words: I have recently experienced something, I’ve never heard of before. I think it was Winston Churchill that once wrote “I’m writing a long letter, because I don’t have time to write a short one”. I would love to have the skills of a poet and ability to reduce...

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New Fairy : Bluebell

Bluebell A new fairy called “Bluebell” has been brought into the world. Bluebell came about as an idea I had over Christmas. When I first started making fairies, I made a tiny fairy (6 inches) that sat on its haunches. I thought I'd make a bigger one in a similar...

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New Fairy: Anemoi

Anemoi A new fairy called “Anemoi” has been brought into the world. I’m always searching for appropriate fairy names and obviously like to pick something with some meaning as well as suiting the fairies personality. Many of my fairies use the wind as a device to show...

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FantasyWire is Changing:

I started FantasyWire some years ago as a pure hobby. When the fairies became popular locally, I started a website and it's grown. When we went viral, I was inundated with requests for sculptures which resulted overtime into the fairies, the dandelions and...

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