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Created: (March 2019) 100% Stainless


No Words 1



(to help you find her in Trentham Gardens)

No Words likes to fly above the flower bed in a formal part of the gardens


This Fairies‘ Story


No Words was actually made as a display piece for Trentham Gardens. After we decided that the fairy trail should represent an exhibition of the development of FantasyWire, I decided to make a large statement piece to show how far my work has come since the early Galvanised fairies.

The title of “No Words” came about through a moment of extreme clarity about life. If you’d like to know the full story, you can read it on the fantasy wire website blog as its too complex to shorten.

The Full story of No Words

You can buy this fairy

This fairy was made as an exhibition piece for display at Trentham Gardens, but she belongs to me and therefore could be sold. The arrangement I have with Trentham Gardens is that if I sell one of the exhibits that belong to me, I’ll provide them with an alternative replacement fairy and give them enough notice to update their media and materials. So anyone purchasing this fairy may have to wait a 2 or 3 months. I must add that No Words is very difficult to transport and install, which means the shipping and installation is not a trivial task or cost. Having said all that if you still want to buy her you are welcome to email me: Buy No Words