Anahi II (x2)

We have created a pair of near identical fairy sculptures based a fairy design I made in 2016 called Anahi. She is reaching up to touch a butterfly. The fairy sculptures are made from stainless steel and designed to be outdoors. The butterflies are copper and brass and are lacquered to retain their colour and brightness outdoors.

The name Anahi has two meanings: It means Immortal and is also a girls name with Spanish roots meaning “beautiful like a flower”.  Although we have a pair of near identical fairies, they were not designed as a pair and can be bought separately or together.

I’ve been teaching my son to make fairies, using my method and to my standard. The reason the two exist is that we made them together, wire by wire so I could advise and influence every detail of the build. I’m extremely proud of Adam and the resulting fairy that he created is near identical to mine. We tested the quality by asking visitors and staff if they could tell which one was made by me orAdam. No-one could tell.

They feature in the below youtube video along with two other fairies completed around the same time.