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Beyond Ithaka

Beyond Ithaka is a commission piece in honour of NHS Organ Donation and is located in Trentham Gardens. The purpose of the sculpture is to:

  • Promote awareness of organ donation, 
  • Help to start conversations that will breakdown the taboos around the subject
  • Provide a peaceful place of contemplation and reflection away from graves and hospitals.

Ithaka is a Greek island. In Greek mythology Ithaka is the home land of Odysseus from Homers Odyssey. Odysseus had great adventures of discovery, he fought cyclops, and Poseidon. He longed to return to his home land. Over time Ithaka has become a recognised metaphor for the destination of life’s journey.

If you’ve found your place in life you’ve found your Ithaka. So this sculpture hints at a world beyond life’s destination.