Dancing with Dandelions

The original fairy of this design is called One o’clock Wish and is the most important fairy in FantasyWire. My work went viral in 2014. The next day I posted a 20 second video of One o’clock Wish spinning freely in the wind and entitled the video “Living the Dream”. It has been watched and shared millions of times. To this day 99% of all requests want this design of fairy sculpture. Most people will recognise her as “Dancing with Dandelions” but that was just a headline that was circulated at the time, and stuck. She’s so special, she is now a registered trademark and is my signature piece. Only four original Robin Wight versions of this sculpture exist, and I still own two of them – each is unique in her twists and turns. I will make more, but ultimately there will never be more of this pose, than you can count on your fingers.

Images of this fairy are included in the FantasyWire Fairies Book