Idea Drawings

I think of many ideas but can agonise for weeks over the design and engineering challenges of how to physically create them. Only a few ideas turn into sketches and even fewer get created as actual fairies. It’s like trying to bring a fairy to life in my mind. Each one has to have her own story and her own personality.  

The drawings is an important step in the design. Its not just a visualisation of the idea, I like to draw the scene that I want to photograph after the fairy’s made. 

Some ideas will never be made. Some work as a drawings, but I don’t think would have the wow if I physically made them. Some would be too difficult to make and some probably wouldn’t be liked very much if I did make them. The drawings are always a good test of whether the idea will work or not. 

You’ll see in this collection some of the ideas that never got made. See if you can workout why.