Meet “Druantia (Forest Queen)”

Her name is believed to be derived from the Celtic word for oak trees.

This fairy was intended for my garden so I would have a good example at home, but now that she’s finished, she’s perhaps a little too large for where we intended.

The whole pose/design is inspired from an art deco lamp that I came across while looking for ideas.

The dress has been created using my daughter Amy’s copper oak leaves (available on ETSY):

The wings had to be raggedy to match the dress, and I also wanted to have a bit of a moth type feel to tie in with being attracted to the light at night. Although: the question is, is she attracted to the light or is the dandelion glowing because she’s near it?  

This fairy also has a few firsts:

  • First fairy with a horned head dress. 
  • First fairy to have shoes. 
  • First fairy to have eyes and eye lashes.