Lady Tara

For a fairy to have any chance of granting a wish: Firstly the wisher has to believe in fairies and secondly the wish has to be spoken (not necessarily out loud, in your head will do), but it has to be explicit and start with, “I wish…”.

J.M. Barrie (author of Peter Pan) said “Every time you say you don’t believe in fairies, a fairy dies”

There are fewer fairies around these days, mostly because fewer people believe in them. Fairies love granting wishes. Every wish they manage to make come true increases their magic powers and they glow brighter.

Fairies are indeed wonderful but they don’t work alone. They need the physical wishes as a carrier for the magic which comes in the form of dandelion seeds. Not all dandelion seeds are wishes. Magic wish seeds only come from a special dandelion called a “Meadow Lady”.

Through human eyes a Meadow Lady look exactly the same as a normal dandelion. Meadow Ladies are all elegant, mature and very wise. If the Meadow Lady likes the wish (which they nearly always do) they sacrifice they own magical seeds to ensure the fairies have the best chance of making the wish come true.

When all her seeds are used up the Meadow Lady dies happy in the knowledge that she gave her life so we could get our wishes.

Lady Tara a Meadow Lady.

So when you next make a wish, don’t waste it, it comes at a cost.

Tip: people say fairies come from a different realm. That’s not strictly true. They live in the same world as we do, but they live in a tri-flection (a reflection times three), which is a different visible reality. To see into their world, you would need look at a reflection, which is flipped upside down and even then everything would be backwards. You may catch a glimpse of a fairy in a mirror, but you wouldn’t get a clear view. But if you want to find a Meadow Lady, take a mirror, they glow in a reflection.

I’m a child of the UK’s 60s children TV. When making Lady Tara I couldn’t ignore the nostalgic link back to “The flower pot men”. Lady Tara has become affectionally known at FantasyWire as “Little Weeed” who is all grown up elegant mature and wise.