The most common idea of a fairy is probably that of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. I’ve created my own versions of whimsical delicate figures that collect dandelion seed and grant wishes. They’re very popular with my followers and I love making them. Personally I’d like to promote a new more edgy idea of a fairy. Why can’t they be strong sexy action heroes who are perfectly capably of holding their own in a fight.

Navras is my favourite fairy, made for me. I must confess to liking the whole fantasy women in armour genre. I drew Navras (image below) for the pleasure of drawing her. I don’t think I really had any intention of making her at the time.

Navras was a labour of love. The wood for the cork came form the woods where I live. I’ve had to learn to make chainmail, make branding irons to put the letters on the cork. Every piece of her armour is hand beaten to fit her body. On average it takes me about a month to make a fairy sculpture. Navras must have taken closer to four and I loved every minute. 

The name Navras has two sources: The word “Navarasa” means nine emotions which I think suits this fairy perfectly. Peace, Wonder, Disgust, Love, Joy, Heroic, Sorrow, Fear, Anger. Its also a piece of music from the movie (The Matrix) by Jono Reactor which I listen to when I’m riding my bike.

She’s made from Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper. All the brass and copper items are lacquered to prevent them from tarnishing. 

Images of this fairy are included in the FantasyWire Fairies Book