This Fairy is a permanent resident and on display at Trentham Gardens

Pax is latin for peace and to offer a handshake is a recognised gesture of peaceful intentions. Pax is the first public interaction fairy. There is a public footpath near my home. Very few people ever walk past but Pax was made to stand on a five bar gate arm outstretched hoping to get a hand shake. Little did people know that there was a camera pointing at her. I wanted to see if I could catch people shaking her hand while completely unaware that they were being watched.

Pax was made the month before Trentham Gardens discovered my work and she was relocated before I ever got to catch anybody on camera.

She was never meant to be a serious work of art which why I didn’t worry too much about the quality. She was upgraded slightly in 2020 with a new hat and the addition of hair.