This Moment

We spend most of our waking lives thinking or worrying about something in the future or the past. We are very rarely present in the moment and yet the only thing we truly own is the very moment we’re living in.

I’m guessing that around 99% of the surface of the UK is either property, infrastructure or agriculture. I’m so lucky to live in part of the remaining, untamed 1%. I live in the middle of a nature reserve. The terrain is a steep sided, deep valley with a brook running through it. It’s dense ancient woodland and the trees have all grown hundreds of feet tall competing for a share of precious light from a such a small sky. This is nature at its spectacular best. It creates a natural, green, cathedral of light which is quite ethereal. I’ve said in the past that this is a place where fairies ought to live. It’s truly magical and is very much a major source of the inspiration behind my fairies.

This fairy sculpture is my homage to the place I live and represents a frozen moment when magic materialises from untamed nature.

For a interview recently, I was asked what takeaway do I want people to gain from my work?

For this piece: By placing a shiny unnatural anomaly in such a landscape, I want to grab their attention so they don’t just zone out and miss the spectacle. I want them to STOP, take in the whole cathedral of light and I want them to experience and remember “THIS moment”.