16″ Craft Kit


16″ Wire Fairy Craft Kit

This kit provides all the materials necessary for a wire sculpture enthusiast to follow the book (included) and make their very own wire sculpture.



Wire Fairy 16″ Craft Kit

This kit provides all the materials necessary (see contents below) for a wire sculpture enthusiast to follow the book and make their very own wire sculpture (which will be approximately 16 inches tall once completed).

The fairy in the photos was made by Robin Wight using this exact kit to give you an idea of what you could sculpt. You can sculpt your fairy into any pose that you wish using this kit. There is NOT a different kit for each fairy pose.

It is also the natural progression from our Wire fairy 8″ starter kit. If you have already purchased one of our Starter Kits and fancy having a go at a larger (twice the size of the starter kit fairy) and more detailed wire sculpture then this is the kit!

Full Instructions Included

Robin of FantasyWire has always shared how he makes his fairies. He has now written a comprehensive instruction book “The Art of FantasyWire” which is designed to share the secrets behind the creation of the FantasyWire fairies. This kit has been designed to complement the book ‘The Art of FantasyWire (which is included).

The book will walk you through;

  • The properties and constraints of working with wire
  • The factors that influence a good design in art
  • How to make a wire skeleton/frame to support your sculpture (not that you will need to make a skeleton this time as one is included in this kit for you)
  • Basic wire handling techniques
  • Guidelines and insights to help you control proportions (the hardest part of any art)
  • What to do when you start to panic if you think its all going wrong!

The pre-formed skeleton included within this kit is already proportioned and anatomically set for you. Just simply adapt it to whichever fairy pose you wish to sculpt and apply the wire.

The four types of wire included are to;

  • Build out the figure
  • Add detail and skin
  • Finish by adding the wings and hair

All of these steps are walked through in the instructions (see photos for a glimpse).

We have been sure to include more than enough wire within this kit so please don’t worry about running out or feel you need to use it all. The tools your need to create your sculpture are also included with the kit. If you have these tools already and feel as though you don’t need them, or you have already purchased this kit before and just want the skeleton, wire and book then you can select to not included them with the options above.

Video Tutorials

We have a “How To” playlist on our YouTube channel which is Robin Wight explaining in detail every step of how to create a wire sculpture, from the design process through to how to apply the wire. It is definitely worth a watch as it will show you how to create the sculpture you want. We try to give you as much support as we can, with our kits and tutorials you should be able to create something you are very proud of. You can see below a little intro video of the tutorials to give you an idea of what they are about:

Fairy Kit Contents:

  • 1 x 16inch (Approx 400mm) Generic Wire Fairy Skeleton (The skeleton is already made for you!)
  • 2 x Hand frames
  • 24 x coils of 1.2mm soft wire
  • 80 x coils of 0.9mm soft wire
  • 400 x coils of 0.5mm soft wire
  • 2.5m of 1.6mm springy wire (wings)
  • 1 x Instruction book (The Art of FantasyWire)

Tools including (UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO NOT INCLUDE THEM. see drop down option above)

  • 1 Pair of long nose pliers
  • 1 Pair of safety glasses
  • 1 Sculpture piercing tool

Good Art Flows From Good Design

Art is always portrayed as some form of mystery created by the the talents given to a lucky few, but good art flows from good design. Design may also be a creative process, but its much easier to apply rules to design. Rules can be followed and the with the aid of some step-by-step design and wire techniques, most people who enjoy crafts should be able to enjoy designing and making their own wire fairy.

Whilst FantasyWire is best known for fairies and dandelions, this book aims to share the underlining principles of design and wire sculpture which could be applied to any sculptural subject. You don’t have to be into fairies to benefit from the contents of ‘The Art of FantasyWire’!

Our social media pages are a great place to look for inspiration. We also love to receive pictures of fairy sculptures completed using our kits, so please feel free to send them over. Happy sculpting!


If you want to add a little bit extra to your fairy we also have Copper Hats and Skirts available. These are made to compliment these kits and can easily be added to your sculpture. There is also a sculpture support rod that you will need if you are wanting to create a standing fairy as apposed to a sitting or kneeling sculpture. You can see the link to these accessories below:

Copper Hat:
Copper Skirt:
Wire sculpture support Rod:
A Fairy Wish/Dandelion:

Shipping Info

We are using DPD to ship these kits due to the weight of them but if you are wanting us to dispatch to a PO BOX then please be aware that we would have to use ParcelForce which is more expensive so please message me for a quote before purchasing.

!!Safety Warning!! Contains sharp wire. Not recommend for children.


  1. Loraine

    Do you sale the fairies already made ?

    • Adam Wight

      Hello, my father does make and sell the fairies made yes. You can see when any are available on the fairy page on our website https://fantasywire.co.uk/fairies/

  2. Jonna Lundin

    Hi, I wonder if you ship the 16″ Wire Fairy Kit to Sweden and in that case how much would the shipping be?
    Many thanks // Jonna 🙂

    • Adam Wight

      Hello there,

      Yes we do indeed ship to Sweden. If you add the item to your basket and follow it through to checkout it will provide you with a shipping cost for your delivery address before you have to pay. Then if you are happy to proceed you simply checkout.

      Thanks again,
      Kindest regards

  3. Dan

    If I only order 1 kit what is the difference between the option of 1 for 131.00 vs. the 1 for 115.00?

    • Adam Wight

      Hi there,

      The £131 version comes with tools. Including 1 pair of long nose pliers, safety glasses and something we call a sculpture piecing tool, which is needed to make holes for the wire as your sculpture gets denser. The £115 doesn’t include tools in the case that you already have these tools. Hope that helps

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