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Sculpture Wire by the Kg

Stainless steel wire to help you create your very own wire fairy sculpture.



‘Sculpture Wire’ by the KG

My father Robin Wight who makes the large fairy sculptures which can be seen at Trentham Gardens in the UK  has shared his method of making the sculptures for years, either with the instructions for the 8″ kits, in his Book ‘The Art of FantasyWire’ which is included in the 16″ kits or now with his ‘How To’ tutorial videos on YouTube.

More and more people are taking up wire sculpture and of course the larger the sculpture you are making the more wire you will need. We have always been asked where people can get sculpture wire from in small quantities and we have never really had a good answer, but now you can get it straight from us. Exactly the same wire that Robin used for the large fairies but you can now purchase it by the kilogram.

How Much Wire Will I Need?

We have designed a wire guide that will help. Please bear in mind that it is only an estimate to assist you.

The amount of each size of wire you need, completely depends on your design and your technique. i.e. 25% of the weight of a long haired fairy may be in her hair alone, where a fairy wearing a hat would be much lighter. Basically, it impossible for me to tell you exactly how much of each wire size you need, but hopefully if you are buying wire rather than a kit, you are planning to take up wire sculpture and any wire left over can be used on the next sculpture.

We can only sell wire in single kg coils, we have based the guide on an average of the fairies that Robin has made in the past and then rounded up to the nearest kg.

Robin’s sculpture method is to make a skeleton out of large gauge wire, then build a loose cage the finished shape, out of the middle sized wire, then fill in the gaps and cover the sculpture with the smaller gauge wire. The cage reduces the amount of wire required considerably and prevents the sculpture becoming too dense as you will need to pass wire through the sculpture throughout the build.

Video Tutorials

We have a “How To” playlist on our YouTube channel which is Robin Wight explaining in detail every step of how to create a wire sculpture, from the design process through to how to apply the wire. It is definitely worth a watch as it will show you how to create the sculpture you want. We try to give you as much support as we can, with our kits and tutorials you should be able to create something you are very proud of. You can see below a little intro video of the tutorials to give you an idea of what they are about:


If you want to add a little bit extra to your fairy we also have Copper Hats and Skirts available. These are made to compliment these kits and can easily be added to your sculpture. You can see the link to these accessories below:

Copper Hat:
Copper Skirt:
0.56mm x 1kg
0.9mm x 1kg
1.2mm x 1kg
1.6mm x 1kg
3mm (by special request, just message me for this)

The maximum we can send in one order is 20 kgs, so if you are wanting to purchase more than 20kgs then please let me know before ordering.

Additional information

Weight1 kg

0.56mm £25, 0.9mm £20, 1.2mm £20, 1.6mm £20, 3.00mm £20


  1. Mary Tsika

    I haven’t finished one fairy, made 3 skeletons one with hands. I was unable to bend the rebar so I stopped,. In the past year have had surgery. Now I want to start the only problem one I cannot Identify the sizes of the wires you have sent, but most important the body wire I was unable to form to make the hands and feet for the other fairies, i want to order the wire to be sure I am using your wire and not something I might have ordered elsewhere. Your father makes everything seem easy, but he is so good at making the sculptures that you think, ” I can do that!” Please let me know the size of the wire so I can order directly from you, I have wire from other kits you have sent with red tape and blue, could you tell me the size. Thank you so much. Mary

    • Adam Wight

      Hello Mary,

      Do have the 8″ kit or the 16″ kit? The only wire in the 8″ kit are 0.56mm/0.9mm. The wire in the 16″ kit is 0.56mm/0.9mm/1.2mm. These are the only wire you will find in the kits (except the few coils of spring wire for wings), we do sell all of these by the kilogram if you need more? Just see our wire and tools section of the shop.

      Hope this helps?


    • Mary Tsika

      Hello, I am so pleased that I found your reply to my message. I have ordered two of the 32″ kits and I removed the tags which told the sizes of the wires. One has a blue tape on it and the other has a red tape, so I would like to know the sizes. I have had a lot of trouble making the hands and feet, I have found that the wire is very difficult to bend. The biggest problem is bending the rebar. I ordered stainless steel rebar the highest grade I could find because I wanted to avoid rust. The rebar is almost impossible to bend, any suggestions? I have just ordered some 3mm wire today, not sure how much I I will receive. Can you tell me? Again nothing is as easy as your father makes it look, love everything! Mary

      • Adam Wight

        Hello Mary,

        Regarding the 3mm wire you have ordered it was 1kg.

        The rebar you mentioned would usually need heating before you would be able too bend it.

        The Hand and feet we actually have a Youtube video on our channel explaining how to make these, just use this link:

        Regarding the wire sizes, the tape isn’t actually tags, and the colour varies reel to reel, so unfortunately I could say without being there. You can find tools to measure diameter pretty easily online though if that helps at all?

        Thanks again

    • Mary Tsika (verified owner)

      Thanks, Adam for your reply, but I was talking about the 32″ kits that I have a lot of wire, some with red tape on them and some with blue tape. I have never finished a large fairy due to not being able to bend the rebar that I purchased over the internet it is the highest grade I could purchase at the time, that I besides the point, I also ordered through this page some 3mm wire it had to go through pay pal, I cannot seem to find the tracking# could the shop look into this for me. If it did not go through I will reorder some, as I said before I am not sure of the amount you would send, I would like enough to be able to make another form. I haven’t given up yet. thank you , Mary (the total of the order came to $46.18)

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