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Created: (Oct 2015: fairy 72) 100% Stainless


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(to help you find her in Trentham Gardens)

Spring play amongst the dandelions.


This Fairies‘ Story


Spring was introduced along with the giant dandelions.

Amy at FantasyWire had been making and selling six foot garden dandelions for a while and Trentham Gardens liked the idea of photos of visitors blowing them. The problem was one of safety. Having a spiky ball of wire at face height does pose an obvious risk in public space. “What if we made them taller and out of reach?” So we made a prototype and invited Trentham to come and see it at home. We had several different sized dandelions in the garden and when Trentham turned up and looked at one about 8 foot tall, they said is that it, I don’t think it’s safe. We asked them to turn around and look up. Its was just like the moment in Jurassic park when they first see the dinosaurs. 

“I think we need a meadow full of them” was the reply.

Spring’s design inspiration was taken from a pole-vaulter and included to compliment the dandelions.