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Created: (Mar 2012: fairy 18) Galvanised skeleton covered in Stainless


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(to help you find her in Trentham Gardens)

Tranquil likes to watch the boats go by from the western banks of the lake.


This Fairies‘ Story


Originally called the “Water Fairy”. Tranquil is the first full sized fairy I made using stainless steel. Up until then I had only used galvanised fence wire. I wanted to produce fairies of a higher quality and decided to try stainless steel. I had to take a leap of faith and bought £2000 worth of stainless steel wire not knowing if it would work. I was so concerned about the cost at the time, that Tranquil has a galvanised core and was only covered with a stainless steel skin layer.

At the time she was made, I was taking commissions from local people and designing fairies to suit specific places in peoples gardens. Tranquil was made a display piece, free standing and able to fit in the car so I could take her with me as an example.