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Created: (Jan 2012: fairy 14) Galvanised


Tree Creeper iphone 1



(to help you find her in Trentham Gardens)

ZigZag your way through the woods and look for up-ended tree roots. She likes to hide behind them


This Fairies‘ Story


There is a public footpath that boarders my garden and I wanted to do something a bit more fun, I bit more sinister and apparently gravity defying.  Originally called “Night Crawler” this fairy is the 14th ever made and was designed to cling to the side of my office and peer through the window. She has (road) cats eyes so if you take a flash photo her glares back at you. The idea being that anyone new in the office, would do a double take of a pair of deep eyes peering at them through the window.

She is also the first fairy to sport a pair of gothic curly wings which I thought added to the sinister nature of her.