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Created: (November 2018) 100% Stainless


Trillian 1



(to help you find her in Trentham Gardens)

Follow the paths near the old buildings and Trillian will show you way from there.


This Fairies‘ Story


Trillian is a remake of an earlier fairy which was actual first shown at one of the Meet the Fairy Man events at Trentham Gardens in 2015.

I very rarely do remakes, but Trillian has been a very popular fairy and her design lends itself well to being an example of how to make a fairy. She doest have any complex elements to make like dandelions but has plenty of emotion and character. For this reason I chose Trillian to be the example that I filmed making which forms the tutorial videos available on our website. So if you want to watch this fairy actually being made you can do.

Her name is not a misspelling. It’s not the number trillion, the name is from a character in Douglas Adams “Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy”. I was listening to it when I made the original.

You can buy this fairy

This fairy was made as an exhibition piece for display at Trentham Gardens, but she belongs to me and therefore could be sold. The arrangement I have with Trentham Gardens is that if I sell one of the exhibits that belong to me, I’ll provide them with an alternative replacement fairy and give them enough notice to update their media and materials. So anyone purchasing this fairy may have to wait a 2 or 3 months.  Having said all that if you still want to buy her you are welcome to email me: Buy Trillian