Whimsy’s Pridethe trentham estate logo 1

Created: (May 2015: fairy 71) Galvanised skeleton covered in Stainless


Whimsy iphone 1



(to help you find her in Trentham Gardens)

Find the dark side of three arches and look skyward.


This Fairies‘ Story


I’m always looking for ways to marry up a fairy with a dandelion in a design for a sculpture. When I first posted photos of Whimsy’s Pride on Facebook, I sort of harvested the comments and complied a little story which goes:

Whimsy was a little fairy who was out collecting wishes (Dandelion seeds) Wirth the other fairies. She picked a full dandelion head which was too heavy to fly with. The other fairies offered to help. Whimsy is a stubborn little proud fairy and she refused any help and instead elected to walk back to the fairy glen with the dandelion over her shoulder. She was so proud and stubborn and she stomped her way back not realising that with every heavy foot step the wished (seeds) where falling out of her dandelion. It was only when she got back to the fairy glen that she turned and realised that all the wished had gone.

Thats the start of the story as Whimsy now has to back track and find all of the wishes and discover the story behind every one.