Wire Guide

My sculpture method is to make a skeleton out of large gauge wire, then build a loose cage the finished shape, out of the middle sized wire, then fill in the gaps and cover the sculpture with the smaller gauge wire. The cage reduces the amount of wire required considerably and prevents the sculpture becoming too dense as you will need to pass wire through the sculpture throughout the build.

This guide is only an estimate to assist you. The amount of each size of wire you need, completely depends on your design and your technique. i.e. 25% of the weight of a long haired fairy may be in her hair alone, where a fairy wearing a hat would be much lighter. Basically, it impossible for me to tell you exactly how much of each wire size you need, but hopefully if you are buying wire rather than a kit, you are planning to take up wire sculpture and any wire left over can be used on the next sculpture.

We can only sell wire in 1 kg coils.

I have based the guide on an average of the fairies that I’ve made in the past and then rounded up to the nearest Kg.

wire guide 2

Buying Wire

From the table below, simply select how much wire you wish to purchase, given the size of the fairy you intend to create.

From our Shop you can either buy the whole bundle – for a 60cm fairy that would be a total of 7Kg which includes 4 different thicknesses of wire – or select the individual wire gauges you may require, depending on what you already have.

Wire Gauge Required

3mm 1.6mm 1.2mm 0.9mm 0.56mm Bundle
1Kg 2Kg 2Kg 4Kg 3Kg All 12Kg
1Kg 2Kg 1Kg 4Kg 3Kg All 11Kg
2Kg 1Kg 2Kg 2Kg All 7Kg
1Kg 1Kg 1Kg 2Kg All 5Kg
16″ Kit 1Kg 1Kg 1Kg All 3Kg

Fairy Kits

Alternatively, why not buy one of our fairy kits.

These are the ideal starter kit for beginners looking to try their hand at wire sculpture. They contain everything you need to have a go at making your own 8 or 16 inch wire fairy sculpture.

Buy the 8″ kit from our shop

Buy the 16″ kit from our shop