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Created: (May 2014: fairy 59) 100% Stainless


wishes 1



(to help you find her in Trentham Gardens)

Perseus has his eye on her. Find Perseus and you’ll find Wishes.


This Fairies‘ Story


Wishes was so named from the phrase that drove the design “wishes do come true”.

Wishes was a special commission to commemorate Trentham Gardens 10th Anniversary. The design brief being “regeneration”, “a celebration” and “wishes do come true”.

At the time of making Wishes, I’d already been making fairies that hung onto dandelions and spun around in the wind, but I’d never made a fairy that was human size. Concerned about the weight and the physics of making a fairy this scale in a public space, I decided to have her resting on one knee which helped to exaggerate the apparent power of the wind.

Wishes is the most photographed fairy at Trentham and has become world famous, sited on many websites as one of the most inspiring sculptures on earth. It was the photograph above (taken and shared by Jo Fitzpatrick) that triggered FantasyWire to go viral in September 2014.