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Created: (Oct 2018) Stainless and Copper


wonda2 1



(to help you find her in Trentham Gardens)

Wonda like to bathe in Italian water


This Mermaids‘ Story


Wonda is the only mermaid I’ve made or likely to make. I’m not planning on straying far from fairies. Wonda came about because of a meeting with Trentham Gardens in which we discussed the possibility of a Dragon. The idea of making a dragon as a one off does appeal to me, but how vest to represent scales?  I’ve often considered making a mermaid since they are sort of related to fairies, being fantasy female creatures. So I decided to experiment with scales by creating Wonda.


You can buy this Mermaid

This mermaid was made as an exhibition piece for display at Trentham Gardens, but she belongs to me and therefore could be sold. The arrangement I have with Trentham Gardens is that if I sell one of the exhibits that belong to me, I’ll provide them with an alternative replacement fairy and give them enough notice to update their media and materials. So anyone purchasing this mermaid may have to wait a 2 or 3 months. Having said all that if you want to buy her you are welcome to email me: Buy Wonda